Father Josef Eugster Holistic Human Development (H.D.) Association, R.O.C. — Father Josef’s Method of Reflexology (FJM), a new highlight introducing Taiwan


If Father Josef tells you, “My method is not foot massage.”  Do you believe it?  Actually, it isn’t.  Please read the following description carefully:

吳若石神父於1970年被派遣來台,1979年因為患了嚴重風濕性關節炎,在求助中、西醫無效後,經由一本德文早期反射學書,學得使用最初的足部反射的方法竟治癒他的病痛;從而引進足部反射健康法,並學習、研究這個健康法為世人的健康服務。當時吳神父還在努力學中文,同時也沒有Reflexology (反射學)的適當譯名,所以吳神父並不知道如何用中文稱呼這個健康法。台灣人看到吳神父在別人的腳部施作,所以誤稱這個方法是「腳底按摩」,他也就跟著誤用此中文稱法將近30年。殊不知坊間業者已假借他的名字進入按摩業自居,與吳若石神父的足部反射法早已相去甚遠,令吳若石神父非常悲傷。真正的足部反射直到2016年才得以正名。

Father Josef was dispatched to Taiwan in 1970.  In 1979, he suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis.  He sought help from the doctors of the Chinese and Western medicines, but both treatments failed.  Through a German book about reflexology published in the early days, he learned to use the original foot reflexology method to treat his disease; and unexpectedly, this method cured his illness.  Therefore, he introduced to people this foot reflexology health method, and learned and studied this health method in order to offer health service to the people.  At that time when Father Josef was still learning Chinese, he could not find a suitable Chinese translation for this term of reflexology.  Therefore, Father Josef did not know how to call this health method in Chinese.  When the Taiwanese people saw how Father Josef apply the method to other people’s feet, they mistakenly called this method “foot massage”.  Accordingly, Father Josef adopted it too and misused this Chinese term for almost 30 years. However, some practitioners of foot massage had entered the massage business under the guise of the name of Father Josef, but their ways were not true to Father Josef’s foot reflexology method, which saddened Father Josef.  It was not until 2016 that the foot reflexology got its officially recognized name.


FJM had its officially recognized name

民國105年(2016),《足部反射健康法》才在衛福部的見證下,被正式定名為:「吳若石神父足部反射健康法(Father Josef’s Method of Reflexology)」簡稱FJM。2020年吳神父的FJM工作團隊與衛福部合作,引進FJM進入長照體系,並在衛福部照護司的領導下,進行FJM成為輔助療法的實證研究努力。

In 2016, witnessed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, foot reflexology health method was officially renamed as “Father Josef’s Method of Reflexology”, simply called “FJM” for short.  In 2020 the FJM work team of Father Josef cooperated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare to introduce FJM into the long-term care system.  Under the leadership of the Department of Nursing and Health Care, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and after empirical research efforts were made, FJM becomes an complementary therapy.


To become a professional FJM worker, one must pass the FJM Test System


The global FJM work team uses this health method to help people prevent diseases, relieve the physical and mental pain, promote their self-healing ability and improve their health.  In 2014 Father Josef established the “Father Josef Eugster Holistic Human Development (H.D.) Association of the Republic of China”, systematically starting the research and development  of FJM, as well as establishing FJM’s teaching system and continuing education system.  Father Josef saw the disadvantaged groups including the Hans, aborigines and new immigrants, and wanted to help them.  In recent years, with the assistance from the employment plan of the Ministry of Labor, Father Josef’s Association established a training system to train these disadvantaged groups of people to be excellent FJM professional masters.  Regional working platforms were set up in the Changbin Catholic Church as well as different areas across Taiwan in order to help them use their solid FJM expertise and the long-term continuing education to earn livelihoods, not only supporting their families, but also letting them become the respected professionals that cannot be easily replaced.   Currently, there have been 7 new immigrants, 10 aborigines and 9 lowlanders in Changbin Township trained and becoming FJM professional masters.  Up to now there are about 230 qualified FJM professional masters in Taiwan, and over 600 FJM professional masters in the world.


FJM services for body and soul


The JFM working platform of the Changbin Catholic Church is located at the great garden of the Catholic Parish, where there are gentle sea breeze, the half-century-old white banyan trees and the thick shade of them repelling the heat.  Visitors receiving FJM’s professional services on the platform are just like being in the southern part of the country, where they not only feel comfortable physically, but also refresh themselves.  Some people once said that foot massage therapy heal them physically and spiritually.  The Diversified Employment Promotion Program of the Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Penghu and Taitung Region Branch, Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor  assists FJM’s professional service platform and offers help in training of salespersons and establishing a pleasant “LOHAS Small Shop” in the park.  In addition to selling FJM-related professional tools and books, LOHAS Small Shop displays the organic agricultural products and environmentally friendly products respectively planted by the farmers along the Hualien-Taitung Line, such as rice, brown sugar, special condiments, millet wine, fruit vinegar, different kinds of herbal tea, hand-woven products, etc., and some unique and exquisite Catholic sacred objects.  For the visitors coming here to receive FJM services and achieve physical relaxation, LOHAS Small Shop provides diversified services with physical and spiritual relaxation in different ways.  The visitors leaving here often carry with them a lot of local products and memories, feeling satisfied physically and mentally.


FJM Team is the most professional and the biggest foot reflexology health method work team in the world


Originated from reflexology, foot reflexology health method could neither be classified as a traditional Chinese folk therapy, nor categorized as a kind of massage.  No matter in principle, method, definition, teaching, research method, and even the functional purpose to be achieved, they are clearly of different fields.  FJM is a foot reflexology health method currently recognized as the most advanced and effective foot reflexology health method as well as the largest pedicure team in the world.  Before the whole Taiwan was closed for prevention of the pandemic, foreigners coming from all over the world arrive at the Changbin Catholic Church in order to learn FJM here.  They not only love FJM, but also love the local customs of the  land.  FJM has been born for more than 40 years after efforts of the work team of Father Josef.  Today FJM becomes another new highlight introducing Taiwan in the world.